My Bout with Photography

This page is simply here to serve as a repository for the little knowledge that I have about photography and maybe to act as a journal of sorts about information and things that I have learned as I try to get better at taking pictures.

My Contributions

My photographs.
Places where I like to shoot.
Links and on-site reviews for MD-mount (manual focus) Minolta equipment.
Links and on-site reviews and information for Canon EOS cameras and lenses.
Some notes and links regarding computer monitor calibration and viewing images on the web.
The things into which you place your camera crap. (Still a work in progress.)
digital minilabs
A list of photo labs that print using Fuji Frontiers or Noritsus (among others).
my digital imaging workflow
This is just a quickie outline of how I scan, manipulate, and save digital files from my scanner.
TLR Repair Shops
A quick list of places to send your TLR for repair.
Choosing a Scanner
A very rough document on choosing your next film scanner.
DX Codes for 35mm
What those black and silver codes on a 35mm film canister mean.
Using the Epson 2200 with Mac OS X Panther (v10.3.x)
How to get your US$700 printer working despite Epson's efforts to make your life miserable.

Other Sites

Online resources
One of the best and most complete photography references one could possibly find.
Luminous Landscape
Another great web site with almost as much content as without some of the attitude that sometimes offers. The only unfortunate thing about this site is its ungodly black background with tiny white text. Ouch on the eyes sometimes.
A resource for feedback on your photos. Has some great project ideas to get you off your butt and out taking photos.


B&H Photo
Great photography shop in New York City. I would place my order here before anywhere else. And the nice thing is that if you follow this link, you'll also be supporting
Adorama Camera
Another reputable NYC photo dealer (there are really only two or three). Please support and purchase camera goods by following this link.
Calumet Photo
Another good supply house for equipment. Prices tend to be more expensive than B&H but still a great place to check out. And since there are more stores than B&H it's probably easier to visit one and get help face to face.
Robert White
If you're going to buy Mamiya equipment check here first. Don't be suckered into thinking that buying photo equipment overseas is illegal (as Mamiya America would have you believe).
American Frame Corporation
Great site for ordering picture frames, mattes, framing supplies.
Light Impressions
General photography supply house. They have photo albums, slide saver sheets, storage boxes, and so on and so forth.
Harry's Pro Shop
A great photo shop in Toronto. Given the exchange rate between the U.S. and Canada, you're very likely to get some great deals. And the phone call is probably cheaper than to Robert White. That is, if you're in the U.S. to begin with.
Oceanside Camera Repair
The place to get your Rolleiflex or Rolleicord repaired. They will also install Bill Maxwell's focusing screens in your vintage Rollei(cord/flex) TLR if you ask.


West Coast Imaging
The place to have digital enlargements made via a CSI Lightjet 430.
A pro lab in the Los Angeles area. B&H has A&I processing mailers for a reasonable price.
Portland Color
Another pro lab in Portland, ME.

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