Notes About Calibration

OK. So you look at images at this site and wonder why in the hell the image is really dark. Or inversely, too light. That's probably because your monitor isn't calibrated. Photographers tend to be a picky lot and like to set their monitors so that what they see on the screen is what they will get for output. In my case, I've calibrated and profiled my monitor to a gamma=2.2 and a color temperature of 6500 degrees Kelvin. I've done this using a ColorVision Spyder hardware calibration puck and PhotoCal under MacOS 9.2.2.

I could write volumes about quickly calibrating your monitor but Vadim Makarov and Andrei Frolov have already written more than enough to get you on your way. Check out their sites, adjust your monitor accordingly, and be happy that you can now properly view images on the web. Or simply grumble about how I'm a lousy photographer, an elitist computer snob (I proudly acknowledge that one), and get on with your business, all the while never fully enjoying well-photographed images on the web.

Last modified: Tue Jun 10 01:21:12 2003
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