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Photo bags are handy things. And you never seem to have the right one. I've owned or currently own four bags already. And I've only been doing this photo crap for about three years. Philip Greenspun is right when he says that you will never have the right bag for your current situation.

Personally, I prefer backpacks over shoulder bags. If you've ever had to walk a distance with a shoulder bag over one shoulder and a tripod over the other you'll know why. It sucks. If you're PJ I can see how shoulder bags would be a handy platform from which to shoot. No need to take the bag off your back and putter about with covers, zippers, and shoulder straps. Just lift the top and Bob's-your-uncle.

Given that I've never been much on photo-journalism in my photography I've had three backpacks and one shoulder bag which I recently sold to a pleased photographer in Needham, MA. The bags which I've owned and used are: Lowepro Orion Trekker, Lowepro Micro Trekker 200, Lowepro Nature Trekker AW, and Lowepro Magnum AW.

The Reviews

Lowepro Micro Trekker 200
A great tiny bag that can handle a body and three lenses (including a 70-200/2.8 zoom).
Lowepro Orion Trekker
Good day hiking bag with room for a manual focus SLR and some smallish lenses.
Lowepro Nature Trekker
Huge! This thing will store most people's family sedan. And still have room leftover for a sandwich.
Lowepro Magnum AW
A shoulder bag that can handle a family sedan. And a sandwich or two.

Manufacturer's Sites


As you can see, I really like Lowepro bags. Though the Tenbas that I've played with also seem very well-designed and well-built but rather annoyingly over-priced.

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