Digital Minilabs

This will hopefully be an ever-growing list of digital minilabs (Noritsu, Fuji Frontier) around the U.S. and perhaps eventually, around the world. This list started as a result of seeing questions on along the lines of: "Where in (somewhere) can I find a Frontier printer?" So here's my list.

In most cases, I've attempted to link to the lab's own web site. However, in some instances (large chains) I don't think it's quite so convenient for people to have to wade through a large corporate site to find locations so I've linked to Yahoo! Yellow Pages to show a map as well as the phone number listing.

If you have a lab that you'd like added to this list please email me the name and its location. If you're in North America just include the name and state and I should be able to find it. If you're outside of North America please send me all of the contact info: name of lab, street address, city, province/state, country, and a phone number where the lab may be contacted. My email address is minilabs0 at isolation dot net.

In this list, all machines are assumed to be able to process APS and 135 (35mm) films. When it is known if the lab can handle medium format film (120 and/or 220) it will be indicated in the listing. Otherwise, do not assume that a lab can handle 120 and 220 format films. I also want to take the time to thank all the contributors at for helping me with this list. And in addition, I want to thank all of the independent lab owners out there that found out about this page via a Yahoo! groups list. Please support your local lab! There's no way I'd have much of anything without all of them. Thank you!

Color Profiles

Ethan Hansen and the folks at Dry Creek Photo are assembling color profiles for digital minilabs around the world. If you want accurate color via profiled images sent to a Frontier, Noritsu, or QD-21 (for example) then head over there. The list is starting to get pretty huge.

Fuji's Lists

Apparently, Fuji does maintain a list of Frontiers! However, the results can be spotty so use with caution. And no doubt, like everything else on Fuji's 'shifting sands' web site, this URL may break without warning.

Updated: 26 July 2002 (T)

United States

It is my belief that most, if not all Sam's Club locations have a Fuji Frontier. This is mostly due to the fact that the Sam's Club photo web site is powered by However, please be sure to call ahead to verify this for your given location.

In addition, all, or almost all Wal-Marts and Sam's have Frontiers. But the general consensus seems to be that the operators at the Wal-Marts aren't always well-trained on the machines (no doubt with some rare exceptions).

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming Washington, D.C. Puerto Rico


Check out Black's Photo across Canada for starters. Their locations with Fuji Frontier minilabs are indicated by the label "VividPrints". The models are apparently a mix of Frontier 370s and 350s. It is probably also of no coincidence that Fuji Canada owns Black's Photo (thank you to Gary Watson for that bit of information). Ryan Visima adds: "Black's owns more Frontiers than Ritz and Wolf combined... all the Frontiers that Black's owns account for more than 10% of the total worldwide population of Frontiers sold by Fuji." (He also adds that that number will shrink once Wal-Mart rules the world.)

Future Photo also has 97 stores across Canada with 8 labs containing Noritsu 2711 machines.

Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia New Brunswick Prince Edward Island
Yukon Territory Ontario Daniel Flather's province (aka, Manitoba) Saskatchewan
Alberta British Columbia Nunavut Northwest Territories


(Because I know they'd want it this way.)

Not North America

Mark Crame Land
(aka United Kingdom)
Norway Denmark Italy New Zealand Philippines Mexico France Greece


Please keep in mind that this is not a recommendation for any of these labs. It's up to you to decide where you want your film developed. This is merely here as a simple aid for finding locations. Not necessarily good locations. Check the community recommendations for processing labs to see if a particular lab is any good.
/End Disclaimer

If you know of any that aren't listed, please mail me (minilabs0 at isolation dot net) and I'll add it to this list.


This list has been compiled by me with information given to me by minilab owners and photographers throughout the world. The information compiled here is protected under copyright. Use of this information for market research and advertising purposes is forbidden.

The upshot is that I'm merely trying to keep market research 'professionals' from taking this information and making a profit from my work and the work of those that have helped me.

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