Verilog Gewgaws

This is pretty much just a simple page as a placeholder for Verilog info around the Web as well as some Verilog crap that I've cobbled together. Enjoy.

My Contributions

Stay tuned for exciting future developments. Or something. I do actually have a thing or two but I'm still deciding on whether or not to release them under BSD license or just keep them in my grubby little hands for potential patents.

Other Stuff

Resources Here

Mark Mabry's vlog-mode for emacs.

Resources Not Here

A good starting point for finding information regarding Verilog and EDA in general.
On-line Verilog Quick Reference Guide
Pretty much syntax reference for the Verilog language.
Alternate Verilog FAQ
What can I say? It's a FAQ on Verilog
HDL References and Tutorials
Some links to tutorials for Verilog and, ugh, VHDL (does anybody still use VHDL?). :)
Verilog Links
Yet more Verilog links, including to some free EDA tools
A rather large assortment of open-source IP cores. Lots of projects going on. Sort of a SourceForge for hardware design.

Free Tools!

That's right, I said free.
Icarus Verilog
If you're unemployed and wanna play, this is your friend.
A very ol^H^H^H mature VCD waveform viewer. Developed at DEC back in the 80's and now it's ready for you. I like it better (way, way better) than GTKWave
A GTK+-based VCD wave viewer.
Synapticad's Free Wave Viewer
Synapticad's free wave viewer. Kinda useless to those only running Linux as it's a Windows app.

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