Pesky Copyrights

Well, here it is: Copyright info.

All images and text contained herein (that is, anywhere on,,,, or are Copyright, ©1992-2005, Nicholas R. Barry and are the sole property of me. If you wish to use these images or my text (lord only knows why) for your own, non-commercial purposes (and you don't know me personally) then please just let me know via email (webmonkey at isolation dot net) and enjoy. However, all commercial uses (for-profit, for-advertisement, for-anything) are strictly prohibited. I really don't want to have to be hassled by chasing after every person that might willfully use these images for their own monetary gain so hopefully this won't happen (and chances are that the images are so lousy that nobody in their right mind would bother trying to sell any products with these photos).

A lot of this philosophy follows that of another 'famous' (whatever that means) Internet photographer, Philip Greenspun at, who has written a decent treatise on copyright. However, keep in mind when you read his diatribe that I don't have all of the resources, programmers, servers, or catalog of 7000-10000 images that he has. However, if you do want to use my images for Web sites (and again, lord only knows why), feel free to do that nifty

  Photographs courtesy of <a href="">Nicholas Barry</a>
that he requests (as in "Yeah, what he said."). Then let me know via email (webmonkey at isolation dot net). Thanks.

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