New England Mountain Biking GPS Maps

This is a repository for maps used for mountain bike trails in the New England area. If you have any additions let me know and I will put them up here.

All files are in .gpx format and can be loaded into Google Earth for viewing and can also be loaded back into at least Garmin GPS units. They can probably also be loaded into Magellan GPS units, but since I only have a Garmin, I can only vouch for that platform.


Wendell State Forest - Matt's Ride. 17km Loop.

This is not my GPS track. It is from a gentleman named Matt and if he would like to garrote me for making this available I will be happy to send him the address (of my enemy). It looks like a great loop.

GPX File.

Wendell State Forest - 25km Loop.

This is also not my GPS track but that of rapirro. If he does not wish me to redistribute this (I found this online) then I will take it down. But it would be a shame as this is also a great loop. This is (I believe) from the Kona Adventure Series, 2009.

GPX File.

Harold Parker State Forest. 30km Loop.

This loop is from the Wicked Ride of the East, 2007. It is a 30km loop through most of the park.

GPX File.

Harold Parker State Forest. 12km Loop.

From a shorter loop around Harold Parker State Forest. Includes a quick dip in The Teacup (as I've heard it's been called).

GPX File.

Earl's Trails. Amherst, MA. ~14km Loop.

This loop is from a Get Out the Ride event, on 20 Jun 2009. It is a ~14km loop. There is lots of climbing. And decending.

GPX File.

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