Well, I started out with a very poor epic tale of my life and realized how truly miserable it was (both the tale and my life). At one point I decided to write another, new, exciting, adventuresome tale about myself. But my dog ate it.

Who am I? A (currently) 32 year-old male living in Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. I was an ASIC Design Engineer (electrical engineer) but that's all changed now. Faced with a nine month layoff and the dwindling desire to compete with the South Asian brain drain where each person makes 1/5th my (former) salary for the same work I changed careers. I'm now on my way to becoming an electrician where I can work for myself, have slightly less stress, and make bucketloads more cash. Just one year more before my apprenticeship is over. :)

Prior to my undergraduate education at Boston University for engineering I lived in Freeport, ME, USA. Home to The Desert of Maine and some other retail stores that I'm told are pretty well-known. Prior to Freeport was Waterville, ME. Before that, Asheville, NC. Before that, western Taxachusetts. And before that, northern Vermont. I've moved way too much.

I suppose I could add more, but I'm not that interested in exposing so much. If you've read the previous version of this page then cherish it - it won't be back. Sorry.

My resume used to be available upon request, but screw tech. I've got better things to do. And when I find out what those things are I'll let you know.

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