Places to Go... People to See...

These are a bunch of places that you probably have no interest in viewing but I put them here just to amuse myself and give you an idea of how screwed up I might be.
Scientology is a cult. Sadly, they've somehow been given religious status.
No, that's not a typo.
News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
The Onion
Very entertaining parody of a newspaper. Most of the media/journalism industry is a parody of itself, but this is very amusing.
The Ultimate Poseur's Sport Utility Page
Do you hate SUVs too? I actually hate/fear minivans more but I digress.
Nothing witty to put here.
A starting point for Linux
The Linux Documentation Project
RTFM for Linux.
An excellent resource for photography. Also a lot of travelogues and photos to match.
French-pop-sounding Music.
Icelandic electronic music.
Felicity Meade, live from Seattle, WA. Well, not live per se. But you get the idea.

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