bad food

"Fall on your face in those bad foods..." -taken from The Pixes (with some poetic license)

Throughout the past many years friends and I have come up with some absolutely horrible food that will (hopefully) never be created. Bon Apetit! Someday, if I get off of my arse, there will be fun graphics for these nauseating products.


Cocktails and Drinks

I would also add Garlic Ice Cream but some bonehead in (I believe) New York City has actually invented that as 'gor-met' flavor in his restaurant. Some people... You could probably put shit on a stick and call it 'All Natural Fudgesicle' and some asshole with the sleeves of a sweater tied around his neck would eat it. After all it's gourmet. Which I think in a lot of cases just means 'really disgusting - but don't tell the customer - we'll charge a lot more money for it and they'll buy it'.

Many thanks to Jane Lee, Kristen Walker, James Lavino, and my roommates of 21 R.C. Kelley St. for all of the ideas.

If you have any great ideas feel free to mail them to me at the address below. I'll put them up!

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